1. Achievement test : measures of what a person knows or can do right now (Tes prestasi : mengukur hal-hal apa saja yang diketahui atau dapat dilakukan sekarang).
  2. adverse impact : a concept that refers to the rejection of a significantly  higher percentage of a protected class for employment, placement, or promotion when compared with the succesful, nonprotected class.
  3. affirmative action : a policy that goes beyond equal employment oppurtinity by requiring organizations to comply with the law and correctpast discriminatory practices by increasing the numbers of monorities and women in specific positions.
  4. alternative dispute resolution (ADR) : a term applied to different types of employee complaint or dispute resolution procedures.
  5. apprenticeship training : a system of training in which  a worker entering the skilled trades is given thorough instruction and experiences , both on or off the job, in the practical and theoretical aspects of the work.
  6. aptitude tests : measures of a person’s capacity to learn or acquire skills.
  7. arbitrator : a third party neutral who resolves a labor dispute by issuing a final decision in the disagreement
  8. assessment center : a process by which individuals are evaluated as they participate in a series of situation that resemble what they might be called on to handle on the job.
  9. augmented skills : skills helpful in facilitating the efforts of expatriate managers
  10. authorization card : a statement signed by an employee authorizing a union to act as a representative of the employee for purposes of collective bargaining.
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